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True dedication. In all situations.

Careers with a technological leader

At SwissP Defence, we are known for our innovative technologies, smart solutions and bold ideas. Our staff are the source and cornerstone of our reputation. In addition to our shared sense of purpose, we are united by the passion that goes into everything we do – in every situation. Would you like to share your energy and dedication with us?

As an employer

What sets us apart is the variety of interesting roles in a modern technological environment, combined with attractive opportunities for training and further development. We offer job security and stimulating tasks and always put people first. Whether you are an experienced professional or entering the job market for the first time, looking for a technical or commercial role, a regional or international environment, we have something to suit you.

Our principles and characteristics as an employer

We see our staff as the lifeblood of SwissP Defence. Our priority is to attract and retain highly motivated and skilled staff – because that is the only way we can grow and improve as a company. Consequently, we are actively committed to providing training and further development for all our employees. We work with line managers to create tailored development plans for promising individuals. Together we can shape the future of SwissP Defence.

Our values

Our values are an integral part of our company’s identity. They underpin our day-to-day activities and our conduct. Our values guide our actions and shape our communications and processes.

We are committed.

You can rely on our company and our solutions. We are experts in our field, we offer maximum reliability and our communications are open and transparent.

We are ambitious.

We are agile and never satisfied with the first good solution we come up with. We are passionate about developing innovative ideas and making bold decisions.

We are convincing.

Let us impress convince you with our unique blend of superior quality, maximum performance and business smarts. We don’t just give satisfaction: we will inspire you In this way, we do not ensure contentment, but enthusiasm.

Working with us: these are your advantages

Are you looking for a new job? Then we are the right choice for you! We offer you an exciting working environment, flat hierarchies and plenty of opportunities to develop yourself.

Salary, insurance and pension provision 
  • We regularly participate in nationwide industry wage comparisons. This enables us to guarantee fair wages in line with the market.
  • We stand for fair and gender-neutral wages.
  • Of course, we pay our employees a 13th month's salary, which is always in November.
  • Our employees are insured in the pension fund (2nd pillar) of the Livica Collective Foundation.  The Livica Collective Foundation is an independent defined contribution pension fund. SwissP Defence AG pays 50% of the savings contribution and the risk contribution to our employees. The Livica Collective Foundation also includes a life partner's pension.
  • In preparation for your retirement, we will pay for a seminar (one or two days) and provide you with advice if needed.
Family and career
  • The 100% paid maternity leave at SwissP Defence AG is 16 weeks.
  • New fathers receive a paternity leave of two weeks; in addition, the extension of paternity leave is possible with us.
  • For other personal events in the family such as weddings or relocations, we grant additional paid absence days.
  • We allow our employees to work part-time.
  • Thanks to our modern IT infrastructure, we also enable our employees to work from their home offices. Of course, this only applies as far as the respective job allows.
Holidays and leisure time
  • All employees have at least 25 days of holiday per year. From age 40, there are 27 days of holiday, and from age 50 even 30 days of holiday.
  • You also have the option of buying additional holiday days. This way, you can also make your wish of a longer trip possible; on top of that, you are of course still insured with us during your trip.
  • Between Christmas and New Year's Day, we allow our employees to rest and enjoy time with their loved ones. Therefore, operations will be suspended during these days.
  • We pay all employees CHF 100.00 per year towards the Fitenss or sports subscription. You are welcome to submit a receipt for this.
Education and training 
  • We like to invest generously in the training of our employees. Because they are the basis of our success.
  • We participate in function-related training and  education that is in the interest of SwissP Defence. We conclude fair training agreements for this purpose.
  • We develop our leaders with internal leadership courses.
  • With us, you will have the opportunity to continuously develop yourself in your daily work and to tackle new challenges.
free of charge 
  • All our employees can park free of charge in front of all our buildings.
  • The safety of our employees is our top priority! Work clothing and safety equipment are of course provided by SwissP Defence.
  • Our employees benefit from various attractive employee offers.
  • To show our appreciation, we regularly organise employees' events.
  • Our loyal employees receive a seniority gift every 5 years. In addition, there is a nice anniversary dinner once a year as a gesture of thanks for their loyalty and the work they have done.
  • At Easter and during the Christmas season, we give our employees a gift of fine chocolate or a "Chlousesäckli" (candy, chocolate and peanut bag).
Team and information 
  • With our social intranet, all our employees can check all information - at any time and from anywhere. Our intranet is also available via mobile app. Writing articles or posting pictures is, of course, possible for everyone.
  • We attempt to provide continuous and transparent information via the intranet, whiteboard and other internal channels.
  • The management also provides quarterly information on all layers about current events in the company.
  • We like neither idle time nor complicated structures. That's why you'll find flat hierarchies, short communication channels and continuity. To ensure that communication always takes place at eye level, regardless of the hierarchical level, SwissP Defence has a informal corporate culture  - starting with the recruitment process.